Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Creating views using workflow status column in SharePoint 2010

It took me by surprise when I created a view on my list based on workflow status that it does not work. I wanted to create a "In Progress" view for my list which had workflows running on it. After some searching I came to know that what you see is NOT what you get.

We all know that a workflow can be in my states. Following is the list of common workflow states and what unique number SharePoint 2010 assigns them.

Workflow Status SharePoint Id
Not Started 0
Failed On Start 1
In Progress 2
Error Occurred 3
Stopped by User 4
Completed 5
Cancelled 15
Approved 16
Rejected 17

Here is how you create a view on SharePoint 2010 on a list with workflows

1. Choose a list (it also works the same on document library but I have using list to demonstrate it) on which you want to create views and select List Settings using List tab from your ribbon

2. Scroll down until you see Create View link under Views section

3. Select your format

3. On Create View screen, name this view and scroll down to Filter section and select your Workflow name from "Show the items when column" drop down.

4. Select "is equal to"

5. Put a number in the text field depending on what view you are creating. Pick a number from table given above to create a particular view.

6. Click OK.

7. You can view all your views.

Happy viewing